RMS Beauty ‘Un’ coverup- Pros and Cons



Shades ’11’ and ’22’


Without flash


With flash


  • Very decent coverage
  • Stays put, especially when a powder is applied over the top
  • My skin reacted well to this, and I think it may have actually HELPED to minimise breakouts
  • When applied correctly, can have a very natural finish, like second skin
  • Completely natural ingredients


  • Dewy finish
  • Yellow undertones (especially number 11)
  • Scent is very neutral- neither pleasant nor offensive


  • Sticks to dry patches
  • Skin must be well-prepped before applicaton
  • Expensive- $36 for .20oz/5.67g
  • Tends to be a bit cakey (particularly around dry areas)
  • I find the formula to be very stiff in winter time- almost too stiff to use
  • Limited shades available
  • Somewhat ‘shiny’ appearance


Most people recommend using your fingers for this product, and I tend to agree. I like to take a big chunk out and smooth it over my face with my fingers, letting it sit for a bit and then using a patting motion to go over the top of blemishes


I seriously cannot make my mind up about this product! Some days I’ll love it, other days I’ll hate it. I think this type of concealer is particularly suited to those who tend to have very smooth, non-problematic skin. As my skin is a tad bumpy it is sometimes hard to blend, and therefore seems to emphasise dry patches and not look very natural. I also prefer a matte look, and the finish of this product certainly isn’t matte. While I don’t tend to wear under-eye concealer, I can see this working well for this purpose, because it does stay put and the slight yellow undertones would be good at covering dark circles and blue/grey areas.



Would I repurchase?

Maybe…but probably not. I don’t know that this particular concealer is the best fit for my needs. Besides, I’m always on the lookout for new products and I have my eyes on the Christopher Drummond concealer to try next! 🙂