‘No makeup’ makeup using natural products



Swatches (left to right): 100% Pure Foundation ‘White Peach’, Aubrey Organics Translucent base ‘Beige’ (barely visible), Lavera mineral rouge powder ‘Lovely Peach 03’, Zuzu Luxe cream brow pencil ‘Russet’, Silk Naturals brow cream ‘Medium Ash’, Nude by Nature lipliner ‘Chique’

Hey! Oh my gosh, Im finally back after yet another hiatus! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

After a lot of experimentation with natural makeup products, I’ve finally come up with a routine that is quick, easy, and looks flawlessly natural.

So without further ado, here it is: my go-to ‘no makeup’ makeup routine

  • 100% Pure super-fruits healthy foundation ‘white peach’
  • Aubrey Organics silken Earth translucent base ‘beige’
  • Lavera ‘lovely peach 03’ mineral rouge powder
  • Zuzu Luxe ‘russet’ cream brow pencil
  • Silk Naturals ‘medium ash’ brow cream
  • Lily Lolo Natural Mascara
  • Nude by Nature natural ‘chique’ mineral lipliner
  • Hurraw chai spice lip balm
  • Real Techniques blending sponge for a flawless application


  1. The 100% Pure Foundation has a rather drying, matte finish, so I find it best applied straight after moisturising. I find that it sits very well under the Pai Rosehip Oil. Simply squirt a few pumps and blend onto the face with fingers. Use a damp sponge to go over everything and ensure it is well blended. The 100% Pure Foundation is now my HG natural foundation. It is fantastic for oily skin, never breaks me out and has great coverage but somehow still looks so natural.
  2. Apply a small amount of the Aubrey Organics Translucent Powder over the top to set the foundation with a large powder brush. I forgot how good this stuff is!! Although it doesnt act well as a foundation alone due to lack of coverage, it is amazing as a setting powder, and will keep makeup in place all day long
  3. Using a smaller brush, apply the Lavera peach blush to the cheeks. Everyone has their own way of applying blush based on their face shape and bone structure. I find I like it best right on top of my cheekbones, swept away towards my temples. This particular blush might look scarily orange in the pan (and I stayed away from it for a long time because of that), but it seriously just adds the most gorgeous bronzey natural flush of colour when on the face
  4. Give the lashes a couple of generous coats of the Lily Lolo mascara. Make sure you get right at the roots! This particular mascara gives the most amazing combination of length and volume, without being overly clumpy. Thinking of doing a full-review soon to show what a difference it makes to the overall look of the lashes
  5. Use the Zuzu Luxe brow pencil to define the base of the brows with light, feathery strokes. Then go over and blend in slightly with the fingers to avoid it looking harsh. I love this pencil, but find it can be a little stiff, so I like to run the tip of it between my fingers first to warm up the waxes before using it
  6. Using a brow brush, apply the Silk Natural brow powder in any sparse areas, just to give the brows a more full look. This product is my absolute hands-down favourite for the brows. The colour is a PERFECT cool-toned taupe, and it blends in so nicely with my natural brows
  7. Apply the Nude By Nature lipliner just underneath the natural line of the bottom lips. This works an absolute treat for giving the lips a natural fuller-looking appearance.
  8. Smack some Hurraw lipbalm (or any lipbalm of choice) on your lips for some moisture and you are good to go!

As you can see this is a rather minimal approach to everyday makeup, but it is so quick and easy to do when you just want a look that is fresh and natural yet flawless. I find myself going for this look almost every day at the moment.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions or comments about absolutely anything in this post, and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Have a great day! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’š


Wake up!!!

Many mornings I find myself stumbling out of bed, bleary-eyed and willing with all my heart to just hop back into bed and snag an extra hour or so of sleep. I know more than likely there’s a long day ahead of either work or school, so I eventually have to face the music and psych myself up. But how? Well, through personal experience I have discovered a few quick tips to make things a little easier, and I hope you can adopt a few of these practices yourself.


100% Pure Coffee bean caffeine eye cream

This stuff works. It really refreshes my eyes and makes me look at least a little more awake. Just dab a small amount under the eyes and pat in with finger


George’s Aloe spray mister

My secret weapon! Spray about 3 times across my face and let it sink in for a while before applying anything else. Seriously refreshing!


‘It’s Moringa’ vegetarian capsules

Have 3-6 capsules with a glass of water depending on how tired you’re feeling. I can say that for myself, these tablets do a great job of sustaining energy until at least lunch-time. These are available from iHerb.


Nerada Organics Green Tea & Lemon Myrtle

You can choose any bran of green tea (preferably organic), but I am in LOVE with this particular variety. In fact, I have it pretty much every morning. The small caffeine content found in green tea helps to wake you up, and at the same time it is extremely healthy, being a rich source of antioxidants. Seriously get on this!


Fresh air

Yep. Good old fresh air. It works wonders. Just spend a minute or so outside, maybe as you are having breakfast. The cool air across your face is very refreshing, and helps remove the cobwebs in that terrible time of the morning.



I must admit I don’t do this very often. Shame on me! But I know that many people swear by a five-minute jog in the morning to prepare them for the day ahead. I guess it helps to kick-start the system and get the blood moving.

So those are my top tips on waking up in the morning, and when I say waking up, I mean waking up properly- not just getting out of bed and going about your routine like a zombie! Please let me know if you try out any of these things and whether or not they worked for you. Also, if you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. I would be more than happy to hear it. Let’s face it, we’re not all morning people!

My Natural Concealers


Dr Hauschka Pure Care Cover Stick 02, 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Concealer in creme, Mychelle Dermaceuticals Concealer in cream, Lavera Young Faces Mint Blemish Stick Concealer, Miessence Concealer in fair, Mineral Fusion duo-concealer in cool, Everyday Minerals Multi-Tasking Concealer (same order down below)


Note: two swatches for Mineral Fusion concealer duo (6th and 7th). The Everyday Minerals swatch may be a little difficult to see. It is covering my freckle!

I just noticed the other day that I have a load of concealers. I donโ€™t even know how I accumulated so many. I guess concealer must be just one of those cosmetic items where you need to search a lot to find the perfect one. ย But then again, even if I DID find the perfect one I’d probably keep on buying more, just because it’s so much fun to add them to the collection! ๐Ÿ˜›

Dr Hauschka Pure Care cover stick: this is the most recent concealer which I purchased from Mondebio.co.uk (a site I highly recommend). I haven’t used this an awful lot yet, but these are my observation so far:


  • Dense coverage
  • Easy to apply (twist cap)
  • Great match for my skin-tone (light neutral)
  • Easy to blend
  • Natural-looking
  • Smells cool! Like herbs!
  • Great ingredients


  • On the pricier side (although I got this one for around $16 on Mondebio)

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Concealer:


  • Great ingredients
  • Smells pleasant
  • Easy to blend
  • Cute packaging
  • Good to use as an under-eye concealer (may need to mix with a little moisturiser)


  • Coverage isn’t great
  • Tends to look dried out
  • Not the best for hiding blemishes
  • On the pricier side ($16)
  • Creme is too light for my skin-tone

Mychelle Dermaceuticals concealer:


  • Good coverage
  • Great ingredients
  • Smells like fruit!
  • Easy to use & small packaging
  • Good price ($10.35 on iherb)
  • Perfect match for my skin


  • Tends to look a little shiny
  • Becomes slightly oily by the end of the day

Lavera Young Faces Mint Blemish Stick Concealer: I actually picked this up in the discount container at a health-food store, thinking it was in fact a blemish spot treatment stick, and not a concealer. Having said that, I am happy that it turned out to be so!


  • Ingredients that actually work to treat the blemish, as well as conceal it
  • Smells like mint
  • Thick coverage
  • Decent staying-power
  • Good packaging


  • Not as smooth as the other concealers
  • Harder to blend
  • The colour that I got is too dark and slightly orangey

Miessence Concealer in fair: this was my very first all-natural concealer. I realised it didn’t really do the job, so I stuck with it until I was able to get another one. I now rarely use this, and if I do, just as an under-eye concealer


  • Great ingredients
  • Australian brand
  • Easy to spread


  • Texture is kind of grainy
  • Colour is too light for me
  • Poor coverage
  • Expensive (approx. $22)

Mineral Fusion duo-concealer in cool:


  • Contains two colours to get the perfect match
  • Medium coverage
  • Good ingredients
  • I find it great to use as an under-eye concealer mixed with a bit of moisturiser


  • Expensive ($21.25 on iHerb)
  • Tends to ‘cake up’
  • Oily texture
  • Does contain phenoxyethanol at the very end of the list

Everyday Mineral Multi-tasking Concealer:


  • Easy to apply
  • Build-able coverage
  • Great price ($6)
  • Matte
  • Perfect colour-match


  • Can look powdery
  • Will not completely cover-up all types of blemishes

If I were to pick out my favourite, it would be a close call between the Mychelle Dermaceuticals and Dr. Hauschka concealer. I do also really like having a powder concealer for certain situations, so I would highly recommend the Everyday Minerals multi-tasking concealer. Being a teenager with less-than-perfect skin, I really appreciate having my concealers on hand, and the best part about them being natural is that I know they are benefiting my skin in the process!

I hope you like this brief review of my natural concealers! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Green Beauty Collab: Products I’d repurchase


Since starting up a blog, I’ve been keen to involve myself in the exciting events of the blogging community. I decided the opportunity to join a collab post from one of my favourite natural beauty bloggers, iluvjesse444, was too good an opportunity to pass up.

In my opinion, it’s always a bit of a gamble when you shop- you never know whether you’re going to love or hate what you buy… perhaps that’s why it’s so addictive! There are many natural cosmetics that I have bought and regretted buying almost immediately, however there are just as many that I try for a while and wonder, ‘how could I ever have been without that?!’

The following are a list of products that fall into the latter category. Although I am a sucker for new things, I will most likely be repurchasing these products due to their total awesomeness:

  1. Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes: 99% natural, smell awesome. These towelettes are great for when I just CAN’T be stuffed going through the whole routine of washing, cleansing, moisturizing. I just wipe of the makeup, spray on some toner and hop into bed! ONLY downside is that they do contain phenoxyethanol…but seriously, they’re good wipes.
  2. Jurlique lavender silk finishing powder: wow, I am in love with the smell! Ingredients are great. Works well for keeping my t-zone matte and my makeup in place. Sturdy packaging with powder puff included. Maybe a bit pricey, but so worth it!
  3. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear translucent powder (light): for something so inexpensive, it ticks all the boxes! Great ingredients, goes on smoothly, matches my skintone and provides just the right amount of coverage to not look cakey.
  4. Physician’s Formula Organic Wear jumbo lash mascara: I was blown away when I saw how good this was. I bought this to replace my old, toxic mascara, and didn’t have high hopes- how could this ever be as good as the chemical-laden variety? But I was proven wrong. This makes lashes go cray-cray! I am actually waiting on the new Physician’s Formula ‘fake out’ mascara to arrive from an iHerb order, so I’ll soon be able to compare the two. But take my word on this one- this stuff is awesome!
  5. Dr. Hauschka translucent bronze concentrate: I can’t even explain exactly what I love about this product- it just seems to make everything better! When mixed in with foundation, it just seems to hide imperfections and brighten up my complexion. I am SO going to buy this again!
  6. 100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint in ‘pink grapefruit’: I have already done a review on this product, and if you cannot tell from that, I absolutely love this baby! Beautiful colour, and goes on sooo smoothly. I just want to eat it!
  7. Rejuva Minerals eye makeup remover: BEAUTIFUL ingredients. Works a treat for removing eye makeup. Just pop a bit on the tips of your fingers, run it through your eyes/eyelashes and wipe with a facial towelette. BYE BYE makeup!
  8. 100% Pure organic coffee bean eye cream: I have this perpetual fear of developing bags. Having this stuff makes me feel powerful! I can actually tell that it reduces puffiness and keeps me looking slightly more human in the early hours of the morning when no-one should be allowed to see me. Also smells amazing!
  9. Mychelle Dermaceuticals concealer in ‘creme’: ironically, I am awaiting a replacement on this one as I write. Smooth and soft. Perfect tone and colour for my winter skin. Great coverage. Stellar ingredients. Can also be used to create a blank lip canvas. You gotta get on this!
  10. Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in ‘honeysuckle’: I’ve figured out that pale lip colours look better on me. This is a beautiful soft pinky-peach that works great as an everyday lip-balm. May not work on every skin-tone, but certainly on mine!
  11. Ecco Bella Flowercolor Blush in ‘Earthy Rose’: I use this a contour powder. I love the fact that it’s matte, pressed, and has a blue base rather than orange. This is decently pigmented and lasts a long time on my face and in the box. Ingredients such as ‘sweet almond oil’ and ‘green teas extract’ make me love it even more.
  12. Nude by Nature eyebrow pencil in ‘blonde’: I use this regularly to fill in any sparse areas and define my brows. This pencil goes on smoothly and doesn’t look artificial. I have learn that going a few shades lighter than your natural brow colour is the way to go! The spoolie brush at the other end also gets used frequently to comb brows in shape. I seriously could not be without this now!


Swatches: Nude by Nature blonde eyebrow pencil, Mychelle Dermaceuticals creme concealor, Ecco Bella earthy rose blush, Burt’s Bees honeysuckle tinted lip balm

iluvjesse444 is a green beauty blogger who also does videos on Youtube comparing and reviewing a variety of natural makeup products. You should totally check out her blog: http://iluvjesse444.blogspot.com.au/

100% Pure haul!


Clockwise from top right: mauvette powdered blush, pink berry lip gloss, perfect naked mauve creamstick, pink grapefruit lip & cheek tint, rosy pot rouge blush, vanilla sugar eyeshadow, cocoa plum eyeshadow, organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream, taupe eyebrow powder gel, blackberry creamstick eyeliner, chocolate lip palette


Taupe eyebrow powder gel, blackberry creamstick eyeliner, cocoa plum eyeshadow, vanilla sugar eyeshadow


Pink berry lipgloss, perfect naked mauve creamstick, mauvette powdered blush, rosy pot rouge blush, pink grapefruit lip & cheek tint

Let me tell you my story for how I came to posses these products: I had been searching and bookmarking every site I could find that sold natural/organic makeup (yeah, I’m a bit obsessed, okay? Don’t judge). I came across 100% pure quite some time ago. Based on reviews and the look of the products, I knew I just HAD to check them out. SO…my brother gave me a 100% pure gift card for my birthday (last year). I kept it for a while, because for some reason I like treasuring my gift cards, feeling like I have something up my sleeve for days when I need some online retail therapy. Anyway, after a while I decided to take the plunge and buy everything I’d had my eye on. Which was a lot. So I put everything in the cart, arrived at the checkout and then BOOM! I discovered to my utmost horror that they DON’T SHIP TO AUSTRALIA!! WHAT THE HECK!! Lol, so, after a moment of panic thinking my $50 was going down the drain, I regained my composure and thought about what I could do. In the end the solution was quite simple- I arranged for a friend in the US to have the order shipped to her house and then for her to send it down to the land of Oz. I am very grateful for her kindness and cooperation, otherwise, I would have been in a right old pickle!

So Anyway, let’s get to the point. 100% pure are an all-natural cosmetic company that use fruit and other cool ingredients to pigment their products. You won’t find any parabens or silcones in these babies! First off, let me talk about the Mauvette powdered blush:

  • $25 for 9g
  • Highly pigmented
  • Long-lasting
  • Great for cool-toned skins
  • Pearly-looking (not too shimmery, but not matte either)
  • BEAUTIFUL packaging (includes mirror inside)
  • Need to take care when applying- not as forgiving as cream blush
  • Overall 4.5/5

Pink Berry lipgloss:

  • $13 for 2.8g (part of the ‘must haves’ gift set)
  • Highly pigmented
  • Twist to release gloss on brush (cool concept!)
  • I found it to be slightly drying, so I just added a tiny bit of my moisturising lipgloss and it was fine
  • Staying power is good, but as with most lip products, I find it vanishes after eating or drinking (which makes me wonder how some women wear it all the time!)
  • Goes well with mauvette blush
  • Overall 4/5

Perfect Naked Mauve creamstick:

  • $15 for 3.3g
  • Again, highly pigmented
  • Darker than I expected- I usually stay away from dark, bold lip colours, but for some this may be ok
  • Also BIGGER than I expected- this is like a fat jumbo pencil, but I like it!
  • Staying power so far seems good
  • Many liners dry my lips out, but this is quite hydrating
  • Overall 4/5

Pink Grapefruit lip & cheek tint:

  • $15 for 7.5g
  • Not as pigmented as some of the other products, but gives a really nice sheer glow
  • Slightly smaller than I thought, but I can see this will last me a while
  • Beautiful light pink
  • Looks very natural
  • Easy to spread
  • Gives a ‘fresh in from the cold’ look
  • Not great staying power- kind of fades a little, but you can still get about 3 hours from it
  • Smaller than I thought, but I can see this will last me for some time
  • I think I’m in love with this!
  • Overall 4.5/5

Rosy Pot Rouge blush

  • $15 for 3.5g (part of the ‘must haves’ gift set)
  • Not as spreadable as lip & cheek tint
  • Nice pink-coral colour- good for warm or cool complexions
  • Reminds me of summer
  • Slightly more pigmented than lip & cheek tint
  • Nice and natural-looking
  • Why do I like cream blush so much?
  • Overall 4/5


  • $15 for 2g (part of the ‘must haves’ gift set)
  • Cute packaging
  • Decently pigmented
  • Pressed
  • Eeek!- the vanilla sugar eyeshadow smashed…no longer pressed!
  • Vanilla sugar- subtle shimmery champagne colour that is great as a highlighter
  • Cocoa plum- pearly deep purple-brown that is great for green eyes
  • Overall 4/5

Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream:

  • $10 for 14 ml (also comes in a larger size: $19 fro 29 ml
  • Amazing smell! Like coffee!
  • Seems to hydrate the under-eye area
  • Makes eyes look less tired
  • Doesn’t ‘instantly cure’ dark circles, but definitely helps
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Overall 4/5

Taupe Eyebrow Powder Gel:

  • $15 for 3g
  • Smooth and easy to apply
  • Looks more natural than pencil
  • Taupe is a colour that can be used for both blondes and brunettes
  • I’m using this everyday and loving it!
  • Overall 4.5/5

Blackberry Creamstick eyeliner:

  • $15 4.5g
  • Smudges a little on lower lash line
  • Browny-purpley-plummy black- heck, is that even possible?
  • Not as red-looking as the picture on the website
  • Also bigger than I thought- same size as the lip creamstick. Because of the size, it isn’t as easy as ‘standard’ eyeliners to apply to lash line
  • Good for bringing out green eyes
  • 4/5

Chocolate lip palette:

  • $32 12g in total (palette is 4 inches in diameter)
  • SMELLS SCRUMPTIOUS! Exactly like chocolate!
  • Cute packaging (mirror included inside)
  • 4 are matte, 2 have shimmer
  • Colours aren’t very strong- more like a gloss
  • Not a great variation in colours, but enough to mix and match according to your look. Most of the colours are purple-toned
  • Quite moisturising
  • Don’t make the same mistake I did and try to use this as a cream blush…doesn’t really work!
  • Overall 3.5/5

Overall, I am very happy with my 100% Pure purchase and would recommend them to anyone, even people who are not into natural makeup. The company seems to take great care in producingย  quality products that not only look good, but are also high-performing. For girls who love pretty packaging and unique concepts in makeup, 100% Pure is the way to go.

There is only one recommendation I have to make to this company…PLEASE SHIP TO AUSTRALIA!! ๐Ÿ™‚

You can check out the website here: