Fear of disappointing people

I have come to terms with the fact that I care way too much about what other people think about me. To be honest, if I could change any character trait about me it would probably be this.

Don’t get me wrong- I think its a good quality to be tactful, but there is a difference between general politeness and changing the way you act in order to please others

I feel that I’m getting there. I’m definitely a lot less of a slave to human respect than I was several years ago in my teens. But still I have a long way to go. And I don’t think it helps living in a society that suppresses authenticity in nearly every way possible. Nothing is real these days. Photos are taken in the best lighting, edited to the max and captioned with rubbish that distracts from the true message: ‘hey, I need a confidence boost so please like my photo and tell me I’m beautiful’. Companies are all about money, even to the point of lying about their products. Everything is geared towards squeezing the maximum amount of dollars out of a person, no matter the ethical cost. The media is fake af. They show you what they want you to see, not the truth. And people can be so charming to you in person and say the most cruel and hurtful things behind your back. Just go to an extended family gathering and you’ll see what I mean.

I am so over it- it makes me mad. It makes me sad. It makes me want to get as far away from it as possible.

As the year draws to a close I can say with a sense of sadness that I am far from the person I want to be. But my focus for 2016 is to be as real and genuine as I can- not to pander to human respect but to stand by my opinions proudly, open to being humiliated if necessary yet not abandoning my morals for the sake of any other human.

I need to tell myself, and I’m here to tell you: It’s ok to disappoint people- you can’t possibly go through life pleasing everyone and being liked by them. Some of the most inspirational people were the most hated, yet they stood by their values and did not waver. That is what made them go down in history as one of the greats of their time.

The constant desire to please people is an exhausting and fruitless endeavour that is bound to lead to disappointment in itself. Just be yourself- don’t always be afraid to express your wants and desires at the expense of inconveniencing others. Sometimes people are happy to help- and if they aren’t, that’s not your fault and you can’t do anything about their lack of selflessness. Just as experiencing disappointment will not kill you, neither will disappointing others. If we feel we have a standard to uphold and live in constant fear of not meeting expectations we are really just guilty of a secret pride that, while not as obvious as arrogance, is equally as damaging and perhaps even more dangerous.

So anyway, that’s me signing out at the end of a much-needed venting session. It feels so good to put down in words what has been on my mind for so long. I hope you can understand where I am coming from and I also hope this helps if you are like me and need to tell yourself to just quit the worrying and get on with living life- a life that’s as genuine and authentic as possible xx.







July Favourites!


Yay, here it is! The end of another month and some exciting products to share with you. Let’s get right into it πŸ˜ƒ

The first thing I’ve been absolutely loving are the Pamela’s Products ‘Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies’. These bite-sized buttons of delight are wheat-free, gluten-free, non-dairy, have 0 grams of trans fat and taste freaking DELICIOUS! It’s hard for me to stop at just a few (so do bear that in mind hehe).

The next item is The All Natural Face Cream Blush in ‘Suntan’, which I reviewed in my previous post. I cannot get enough of this stuff! Not only is the price very reasonable ($5.75) but the packaging is gorgeous, the colour is perfect for contouring and the formula itself is creamy and has very decent staying-power (only fades slightly after 4 hours).

The Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner is a favourite among many in the natural beauty community, and I can totally see why. I have the colour in ‘Raven’-a beautiful matte black. Let me just say, if you’re struggling to part with your toxic equivalent, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS PRODUCT! It is almost perfect. The wand makes application a breeze, and the formula itself is incredibly long-lasting. Seriously, once applied, this stuff ain’t budging (unless you do something stupid like forcefully rub a greasy hand across your eyelids).

Next up we have The Body Shop Perfume in the scent ‘Moringa’– yep, I know this isn’t technically ‘natural’ *hangs head in shame*, but I’m still on the hunt for an affordable natural perfume that has good staying power. Most of the ones I have tried just fade after an hour or so. Anyway, this product smells SO good! It was love at first whiff. I would describe the scent as a mix of fresh and floral. The best part is that it does last a long time and can be smelt by people within a 1 metre radius.

Finally the ‘Troubled Skin Serum’ from Rainwater Botanicals. I attribute the vast improvement of my hormonal breakouts greatly (but not of course entirely) to this product. I’ve totally stripped-down my skincare routine to include basically just this product and coconut oil, and it seems to have been working a treat. The ingredients of this product are stellar: Organic Aloe Juice, DMAE, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rooibos Tea Extract, Emulsifying Wax, Organic Green Tea Extract, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Tamanu Oil, Organic White Tea Extract, Vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin B3, MSM, Organic Black Willowbark Extract, Xantham Gum, essential oils of frankincence and sandalwood. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable and effective acne serum.

So there you have it, my favourites for the month of July! Feel free to leave a comment telling me what you’ve been loving this past month.

Recycle, Reuse + Rejoice tag

I was tagged by Dana from Hearty Habits to do the ‘Recycle, Reuse + Rejoice’ tag. She has a fabulous blog about living a healthy, natural lifestyle and I highly recommend you go check her out!

Anyways, I know I was tagged like forever ago to do this but better late than never so here goes…

What motivated you to become more eco-friendly?:

I suppose I have just always grown up with the mentality to minimise waste and respect the environment. However, ‘natural’ living goes hand-in-hand with being ‘eco-friendly’ so I suppose my healthier lifestyle has resulted in me buying products that are more friendly to the environment

Do you adopt an ecological lifestyle, or do you stick to green beauty only?:

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think too much about living an ecological lifestyle. There is not too much thought put into the packagaing of products I buy, which is something I suppose I should work on. So I guess you could say I just stick mainly to buying toxic-free products as I know these are healthier for both me and the environment

Which ingredients are your store cupboard essentials, with many beauty uses?

Oooh, love this one. Firstly coconut oil, which is great for cooking and as a moisturiser for skin and hair. Secondly, raw honey which is freaking delicious and also great to use as a face-mask for fighting blemishes. Finally, apple cider vinegar is another cupboard essential I could not live without- I use this stuff as a toner everyday and also take it internally.

My favourite plastic-free product is:

Glass jars which are reusable and are used to house products such as nuts, coconut cream and various homemade concoctions

My favourite leftovers (food or beauty) is:

Juice! Juicing is a healthy way to use up bits of vegetables and fruit that you have lying around. Just throw anything you have on-hand into the juicer and voila!


My favourite food that’s good for my health is:

Cocao. Theres no denying I am a chocoholic! Its great that raw cacao powder is actually packed full of antioxidants so I dont have to feel guilty when I indulge in my morning smoothie or Dr Mercola cocoa cassava bars

Is there any beauty or lifestyle product you make yourself? Tell us about it!

Not specifically, however I do experiment making my own face products. Ages ago my Aunty gave me an old book called ‘Natural Beauty’ by Lorna Horrocks that had all these cool homemade cleansers, toners and moisturizers using herbs and various other kitchen products. I have tried out a few and its really quite fun. For example I made my own toner by juicing cucumber, mint and adding some lemon.

What kind of β€˜eco’ drives you to a product most? E.g. organic? fair-trade? recyclable? cruelty-free?

Generally if anything is all-natural that is a huge tick, both for food and beauty products. Where possible I try to also buy organic.

Finally, are there any products which are not so eco-friendly, but you’re still struggling to part with?

Yes, there’s no way I could part with technology! Sorry, that’s just not happening! 😝


I feel like I’ve left this too long to tag anyone else, but if you’re is reading this and want to join in, by all means, please feel free! ❀❀❀




Hello everyone! Just been in a very reflective mood lately and felt like I needed to get this down. So here you go, just some personal observations on the concept of beauty.

What is beauty? I think that it’s nearly impossible to define. Everyone seems to have their own view on it. In this day and age, however, the focus seems to be very much on physical beauty, and to be honest, I think this is a real shame and is creating a lot of problems. Soooo many young people, teenage girls in particular (I can relate) feel a sense of not being ‘good enough’, because we are constantly being bombarded with images of the media and society in general like to view as perfection. It’s as though there is a set criteria for beauty- our body has to be a certain shape, our hair has to look a certain way, our faces have to be a certain tone.

With all this pressure and bombardment, it’s hard to deal with the fact that we are not ‘perfect’, and that we have flaws. This in turn creates insecurities that can dampen our confidence and take a lot of the joy out of life.

There are certain facts that we just have to deal with. Maybe our eyes are not as big as we would like, maybe our nose is not the shape we would want it to be, but we can’t exactly change that. It’s who we are. So I think, rather than being worried and insecure about it, we should face it and embrace it. NO-ONE else in this world is the same as you.You are unique. You were created unlike anyone else. Isn’t that just amazing? Besides, those things that we dislike about ourselves could be the very same things that people find attractive in us. Beauty is subjective. What one person finds beautiful, another person may not even think twice about. Moreover when we love someone and get to know them better, the physical starts to become less important as we discover the beauty in their unique style and personality.

Instead of being constantly locked onto appearance, as a society we should shift the focus more onto the non-physical aspects of beauty, which are, in my opinion, far more important. A person’s laugh, their smile, their caring nature and their sense of humour- these are just a few of the things that can make a person beautiful.

Having said that, this doesn’t necessarily mean should just shove our insecurities aside and pretend they don’t exist. While confidence is important, hearing a person share things they are not so confident about in themselves to me is actually really touching. It makes them so relatable, and just really….human. The point I’m trying to get across is that we should acknowledge the things we don’t feel so confident in, but not let them drag us down and affect the way we live our lives.

Society might try to have us believe that there is a particular way we should look to be attractive, and people might drive themselves crazy trying to attain it with dangerous diet habits and plastic surgery. But I think to be healthy is all that you should strive for in terms of physical beauty, because when we are healthy, we are the best version of ourselves that we can be. Rather than the focus being on looking like celebrities and being in a certain weight bracket, health should be the goal. Some people are just naturally more curvy, others more skinny- it’s just the way it is. But if we are healthy, confident, and loving, this will truly shine through and draw people to us. I suppose it is then that makeup becomes an adornment to enhance our natural beauty rather than a way to just cover things we don’t feel good about (even though there are always going to be days when it feel like that, trust me!)

We can always strive to be better people, and in fact we should. But at the same time we should be content and confident being ourselves, because there is beauty in EVERYONE, and that’s a fact. I myself have seen it in people that others have not, and I’m sure that’s the same for a lot of people. So put a great big smile on your dial and face the world with confidence, because there is no reason for you to feel like you shouldn’t! πŸ˜€

Have a great day! Sending hugs and kisses!

Life and diet update


HELLOOO! If anyone still reads my blog, I’m sorry I have been away for so long. I’ve just been really busy…and lazy…

But I have some spare time so I thought I’d give an update on how things are going in my life right now in terms of health.

In recent weeks I’ve made some big changes. Here’s the story: two weeks to a very important wedding, I didn’t quite fit into my bridesmaid dress (say what?). I was panicking, mum was panicking, the bride was kind of panicking. It was bad. SO the options were- buy a new dress that would cost money and may not arrive in time, have the dress altered which would again cost a tonne of money OR lose a few kilos in the two weeks I had. Eeek. I love food. This was gonna be hard, but it had to be that option. So with iron-like determination I decided to rid my diet of all gluten, dairy and refined sugar. I went to the market and bought a HEAP of awesome fruit and veggies. My ‘treats’ consisted of nuts and a few dates. I also stepped up my exercise efforts with a school physical education training program.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, I had a MEGA clean-out of my diet. Initially it was painful. I had sugar-cravings and I always seemed to feel hungry. And then, only a few days in I began to feel better. I began to look FORWARD to my Amazing Meal breakfast shake every morning (which is absolutely awesome by the way). My skin began to clear up a lot- I didn’t even need to wear much makeup. In two weeks I lost about 4 kilos. AND…I fit into the dress!! YAY! Haha

Now that the wedding is over, I just can’t go back to ‘normal’. Sure, I have the odd naughty piece of cake every now and then, but the majority of my diet is clean. I no longer have dairy which I think has helped clear up my skin. I also no longer have bread, because I really feel that this was the killer when it came to putting on weight. And despite thinking this was going to kill me, it was actually fine- in fact, it allowed me to explore more options when it came to making lunch. I now have salads rather than sandwiches (just a hint: get on chickpeas- they make salads far more interesting). For dinner I legit ENJOY having a big bowl of steamed veggies and Himalayan salt, sometimes with a bit of chicken or beef on the side.

And the other good news about all this? I found out that you can have a day or two ‘off’ and still get back on it without any consequence. It’s great! So if I’m at a friend’s house or eating out I can choose options that may not fit my strict requirements but still enjoy it without guilt, knowing my body can handle it if I get back to my ‘clean’ diet the following day. It’s kind of like the 80/20 principle that Dr. Mercola recommends.

In some ways this has been a mega diet change, but at the same time I don’t feel restricted. I just feel good. It makes me relieved because there are SO many different theories on which diet is best and how you should avoid and not avoid certain foods, but now that I have made changes for myself, I know what is healthy for me personally because my body has let me know. I really do intend to make this a permanent change, so hopefully I can stick at it for the remainder of my life! XD