My Exciting iHerb order!

Is it sad when a package arriving becomes the highlight of your day? I certainly hope not…


This order was massive! I actually ordered it on the Sunday before Easter hoping it would arrive on Wednesday or Thursday with the Express shipping (and iHerb are generally great when it comes to shipping). Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive on either of those days, and due to the postal service not operating Friday through to Monday, the order didn’t come until the following Tuesday. Despite this order containing my Easter chocolate for the entire family, I didn’t really mind it coming later, and neither did they.

Sooo…let’s get to it!

Please note that I will only be doing first impressions as I haven’t had the chance to properly test out all these products yet. I will be doing full reviews on some of them later on.


Eeeek! This is so big, Imma have to break it down!







As I said, I haven’t had the chance to try everything out yet, but even now I can tell that there are a few highlights:

First of all, the Herban Cowboy deodorant in blossom- The smell is like a big whiff of spring! I can’t even describe how much I love it- if it were available in a perfume, I would buy it straightaway. I have tested it out under normal, everyday circumstances, and let me tell you, it holds out very well. I’m not entirely sure how well it would work after strenuous exercise or for those who sweat very heavily, but it is definitely worth a try, if not just for the experience of the amazing smell! I also like the fact that is in a stick form. I could keep raving on about this, but I don’t want this post to go on forever…

Justin’s nut butter– a great alternative to Nutella. Made from all-natural and organic ingredients. I have had this stuff twice before- my sister bought some back for me after a trip to America and then I bought it again from Vitacost. I fell in love. It is incredible. But let me warn you- if you are used to the extremely sweet, sugary taste of Nutella, you won’t find this to be quite the same. It has a richer, slightly saltier taste, and unlike Nutella, the hazelnut flavour really comes through. Now that I’ve had this stuff, I would never go back to Nutella. Seriosuly, you’ve got to try it out for yourself. Admittedly, it is a little more expensive, but that’s because the ingredients are of higher quality. There are also other flavour combinations that I really want to try out in my next purchase.

Honeybee Gardens pressed powder in Geisha. This is the lightest of the colours. I used the next one up, Supernatural, during the summer, but as my skin slowly started to lose its glow, I realised I need to go a shade lighter in order to avoid the dreaded ‘line’. This pressed powder is superb. Provides amazing coverage and yet still looks natural. The only downside is that at the end of the day it starts to settle into fine lines. Dang. To avoid this, I try to make sure my skin is well-mositurised before-hand and apply a finishing powder over the top.

Moringa leaf powder veggie caps: let me just say one thing- Energy. This is the first time I’ve purchased this particular brand, but if it’s anything like the other one (which I imagine it is), it will continue to be my go-to supplement for school days when I need all the help I can get to keep me awake throughout the day! In addition to its energy-giving properties, Moringa is also highly nutritious.

The Yummy Earth Organic Mints are another standout. Reasonably priced, with great ingredients. Very minty and perfect for sweetening breath after a meal.

If you are prone to having oily skin with enlarged pores, you gotta get on witch hazel! Unless I am experiencing a placebo effect, I’m sure  my pores become smaller after just one application of the Dickinson Brands Original witch hazel toner. And the amazing thing is that it doesn’t dry my skin out either! I apply this with a cotton pad after cleansing and before applying moisturiser.

I was very excited about trying out the Acure Organics Oil Control Moisturiser. I tend to have an oily t-zone, and heavier oils like coconut oil and Almond oil can sometimes be  a bit too much for it. I can certainly say that this mosituriser is perfect for the job; it still hydrates my skin but it doesn’t make it oily in the least bit. One thing to note is that it does have a strange, herbal smell, but smells don’t really bother me unless they are chemicals!

I purchased George’s Aloe Vera spray after seeing iluvjesse444 rave on about it in several of her Yotube videos. Aloe Vera is known for its amazing healing and nourishing properties. I feel that this product is a 2-in-1, as it can not only be used as part of a skincare routine, but it also works great for setting makeup. The bottle is huge, and will last for ages.

Ahhh, now onto the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear ‘Fake Out Mascara’. In order to compare it with my old ‘Jumbo Lash Mascara’ from Physician’s Formula, I decided to do a blind test on my mum.  I applied one on each eyelid and she had no idea which was which. The results? Both her and I could see quite clearly that the newer ‘Fake Out Mascara’ made lashes look thicker and longer. The one extraneous variable in this whole experiment is that the Jumbo Lash Mascara is a lot older than the newly-purchased Fake Out Mascara, but having said that, I really feel that the Fake Out Mascara is an improvement.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Everyday Minerals Multi-Tasking Concealer. I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect a powder concealer to be all that good. This product proved me wrong- the coverage is dense and the colour just happens to be perfect for my skin tone. It is also in many ways easier to work with compared to a cream/liquid concealer.

I have only once tried the Beautiful Curls ‘Curl Activating Cream’, but based on that one experience, I am happy with my purchase. The reviews on iHerb also seem to be overwhelmingly positive. What I like about this product is that it does a great job in transforming dull, listless waves into beautifully defined curls. It also smells pleasant and doesn’t make my hair oily. After sleeping on it, the curls did drop quite a bit, but I expected that in a way. I think this is perfect for a quick fix before a night out.

Again, I have had little chance to use the Innersense Whipped Cream Texturizer, however, I already think this product is pretty cool. What can I say? It really just adds texture to the hair and helps you to mould it into shape. The smell is also nice- kind of citrusy.

I was a bit skeptical about trying  J.R. Liggett’s Old-Fashioned Shampoo Bar, seeing as though all my life I have used the conventional liquid shampoo and conditioner, but after my incredibly exhausting shampoo journey (discovering my previous shampoo contained dimethicone and then moving on to another ‘natural’ one that contained an ingredient akin to SLS that made my scalp itch like crazy!) I decided that simple was probably the way to go. And at just $4.55 a bar, I thought, why not? This stuff is good. I imagine it takes a bit of getting used to, but the ingredients are pure, and it doesn’t make my hair oily like I thought it might. I will decide after finishing this whether or not I will attempt another brand of liquid shampoo and conditioner or keep using this bad boy.

The Hurraw! Night Treatment Lip Balm is fantastic! I apply it to my lips before I go to bed and when I wake up my lips are still hydrated! The smell is also amazing; sort of cocoa-vanillaish.

The Honeybee Gardens lipstick in ‘Paradise’ wasn’t exactly a highlight for me, but I did want to let people know that the actual product looks a lot different from how it is depicted on the iHerb website. I expected it to be a really light pink, but instead it turned out to be a darker mauvey colour.  Fortunately it still looks ok on me.

Similarly, the Peacekeeper Cause-Metics, ‘Perfect As Is Balm’, wasn’t totally what I thought it would be. I was hoping it would give a nice, pink rose-tint colour to my lips. To be honest, it doesn’t really give off any colour at all. Maybe just a slight pink hue. Despite that, I still like this product a lot. It is very hydrating and perfect as an everyday lip balm. The size is also quite big and the packaging is cute. So really, no regrets here.

As for all the chocolate…it’s chocolate- of course it’s amazing!! No further comments needed on this one! 😉

If I haven’t mentioned a product, it’s not because I don’t like it; either I haven’t yet tried it enough yet, I really felt like it wasn’t necessary to review (such as the rosemary oil and corn starch), or I have already reviewed it (e.g. Mychelle Dermaceuticals Creme Concealer). If you want any extra info on a product or would like me to do a full review, just let me know and I’d be more than happy to do so :-)A big congratulations to anyone who managed to make it to the end! Hehe


8 thoughts on “My Exciting iHerb order!

  1. Woa, huge order! I’d say that package is big enough to be a highlight of a day… That’s interesting about the shampoo bar; is it harder or takes longer to apply than normal shampoo? Justin’s Nut Butter sounds good, always thought a healthy version of Nutella that still tasted good should be made. Thanks for sharing your iHerb with us.

    • Hi Cathy! Thanks for your comment. I found the shampoo bar to be very simple to work with- I just let it lather in my hands and then ran it through my hair. Another good thing is that conditioner isn’t necessary, although I did use some Dr. Bronner’s on the ends of my hair as they tend to be drier. Justin’s Nut Butter is AMAZING! You should definitely give it a go 😉

  2. Suzie, I love this blog! So much interesting and helpful info! It is also very bright and cheerful 🙂
    Have you considered doing a review/analysis of various foods and spices? I’m thinking Avocados, Cayenne, Himalayan salt etc.
    I realise it might take a bit of time on your part but perhaps one item per month or something like that?

    I love your reviews of natural beauty and food products and I feel you are introducing people to a better way of looking after their skin and hair, as well as to a better way to try to maintain good health.
    I am definitely going to order the physicians formula “Fake Out” mascara and it will be in my next iherb order!

  3. Wow, thanks so much for your kind words! 🙂 I will certainly do a review of some foods in the future, that sounds like a great idea! I feel that natural is the way to go, because otherwise we are just harming our bodies for some short-term benefits. Health isn’t just about what food we eat- it involves everything from the air we breath to the ingredients in our deodorant. I will be happy if I can inspire even one person to make a change to their lifestyle!
    And yes, you have GOT to try out the ‘Fake Out’ mascara- I think it does a better job than most mainstream mascaras, which is saying a lot 😉

  4. Oh, my gosh! Where does one start??!!

    Receiving that order must have felt like Christmas all over again!

    What % of Aloe Vera is in that spray? I’ve been wanting to buy something as close as possible to fresh aloe vera gel but so far, not having much luck finding anything great.

    I don’t use hair products much, but I have bought a Giovanni brand facial mud scrub from iHerb a while ago and LOVE it. It leaves your skin tingling and you can feel it has increased the blood circulation a lot in the area where it has been used. I suppose it’s probably also doing a good job cleaning and exfoliating, too, as I haven’t had any major break-outs since using it. It’s a lot thicker consistency than the Burt’s Bees scrub I was using, prior; and it just feels like it’s doing a better job.

    Witch hazel has been on my “wish list” for some months now, as has been their version of Ganocafe/instant coffee with ganoderma/reishi mushroom extract in sachets. I haven’t used witch hazel in years but I do enjoy my reishi coffee on most days. 😉

    Is the Fake-out mascara, waterproof?

    The Moringa is said to do a lot of things, including giving an energy-boost, but unfortunately after some weeks taking the max dose religiously, I’ve experienced no noticeable results. Like most things, it must work for some but not others. I’m usually in the “others” camp. 😦 It’s kinda funny because I’ve been taking three products which all happen to list weight-loss as one of the benefits (which is something obvious of which one can measure the results easily), though the reason I’m taking them is in the hope they will help something else and not for weight-loss. During the time I’ve been on them, even though my weight should be coming down after all the pregnancy gain, regardless, it has actually gone up in the past month and I weigh more now than I did right after my baby was born! The only thing I’m doing different to usual is taking extra supplements, including those three (among others). So much for their alleged “weight-loss” claims. As far as the other claims, I can’t tell any difference in those areas, either. Once my stocks run out, I don’t plan on wasting any more funds on those products. Maybe one day I will find something that actually works for my conditions.

    Maybe with your two lip color products, which aren’t quite what you expected, you could use them simultaneously and achieve a closer result to what you desired. i.e. layer the balm over the “Paradise” lipstick. Just a thought.

    The Justin’s Nut Butter sounds intriguing. I intend to try that sometime, now that I’ve read this post!

    Thank you again for going to such an extensive effort to share your findings with us!! Much appreciated. 🙂

  5. Hey Queen Bee! It was such a huge order, I had no idea how big it was until I laid it all out like that!
    With regard to the George’s aloe vera spray, the ingredients say 100% aloe vera distillate, so I’m not sure if it as potent as the gel form. However, the benefit of this is that there are no added nasties! The label does say it is good for sunburn, and I find it very refreshing on the skin. TheAllNaturalFace carries an aloe vera gel that is as pure as I have found. The only additives are potassium sorbate (a gentle preservative), citric acid and xanthan gum. The company buys the gel straight from the farmer and press it themselves.You can find it here:
    Oooh, now you’ve got me wanting to try that face mask! Sounds nice!
    Witch Hazel is amazing stuff! I am surprised at how toning and astringent it is, and yet in some weird way, also moisturising. Are you saying that the same brand of Witch Hazel I bought also makes reishi coffee? That’s incredible!
    The Fake-out mascara is not waterproof, only water resistant due to the wax component in the ingredients. I’m pretty sure that no ‘natural’ water-proof mascara has yet been made. The closest one I have found (but haven’t tried yet) is Ere Perez’s waterproof mascara- this does contain shellac, but I haven’t found any overwhelming evidence to suggest this is toxic, so I’m assuming it’s not too bad. Here is the URL if you would like to take a look:
    That’s so unfortunate about supplements not working for you! How frustrating for you! Maybe you should try weight-gain supplements and see if they have the opposite effect? 😛
    See, the confusing thing is that when I take Moringa, I do feel more energetic at the start of the day, but I am not sure how much of this is just placebo! Either way, I guess it’s still working, haha.
    Hey, that’s a great idea about the lippies! I think I may just do that. You see, I find that lipstick on its own can be very drying, so its good to have the balm as a base to moisturise anyway.
    You simply MUST try Justin’s Nut Butter- I assure you, you won’t regret it, especially if you are a chocolate-lover. Although they are a little pricey (around $9 a tub), the size of the container is quite large and should last you some time (unless you eat it by the spoonful as I have on occasions, hehe ;-))
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for all your support. I really appreciate it 🙂

  6. Thanks for replying to all my questions, Suzie! This is a great blog and it’s obvious that you’ve taken great care and much effort in bringing such a quality site to us!

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